The "Complete Player"

Desoto Legacy Volleyball Overview of Goals shares how DLV’s program is organized,  including insights on safety precautions, general expectation, guidelines, team philosophy, and fundamental principles.

The Desoto Legacy Volleyball Program believes in a concept called, “The Complete Player.”

Unlike most clubs, DLV strives to develop complete and well-rounded players. Every player learns every position and the responsibilities of each role. A player should be able to step in and play any position with the confidence that they know the responsibilities.

As the players evolve through the program, we start to focus on a position they can “specialize” in, while still supporting all aspects in the game.

This approach to creating “Complete Players” provides our DLV players a real edge. They truly understand from experience how a team needs to work together to handle the ball strategically from offense through defense. It builds self-confidence on fundamentals.

When our Desoto Legacy players join their school teams, their training becomes invaluable because they have a deep understanding of all aspects of the game, and they are ready and able to play any position required.