DLV's Parent Contract for Fiscal Responsibility

Desoto Legacy Volleyball Club makes every effort to provide your player with the very best coaching, training, and overall experience in our club.

We realize it is not inexpensive to play Club Ball. You are going to have to trust us that running a Volleyball Club is not an inexpensive proposition either! Your player will be “practicing” at our beautiful Arena for 100+ hours on average, plus tournaments, uniforms, etc. 

When you commit your player to a team, it sets wheels in motion that are difficult to reverse. As teams fill from Blue to Red, Purple, and White – if your player is unable to fulfill his or her commitment to their team, it affects everyone.

The same is true if you’re unable to meet your financial commitment. DLV is simply not designed to spend time and money chasing installments, insufficient funds, etc. As a business, we make financial commitments for uniforms, coaching staff, tournament fees, Arena Lease, utilities and such so we are counting on you to be fiscally responsible to your player’s fees.

Thanks in advance! 

We simply can’t WAIT to get this business-end taken care of so we can get to PLAYING VOLLEYBALL!

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