Coach Sergio Rangel

“Sometimes we're tested not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our strengths.”

Inky Johnson

The top three priorities in my life are:

1. Family
2. Love
3. Friendship

The top three coaching priorities are:

1. Develop Character
2. Promoting Life Long Work Habits
3. Fostering Intrinsic Self-Motivation

The principles that I always stress are:

•Treat Others As You Want To Be Treated
• Don’t Expect More Until You Do More
• Learn something every day

I will never compromise on:

• Respect For Oneself And Those Around Us
• Constructive Communication
• Academic Excellence

I expect the following from my players:

• 100% mental and physical effort
• Self-motivated
• Accountability

If you want to play for me, expect the following:

• I Will Never Ask You To Do Something That I Know You’re Not Capable of Accomplishing
• It’s All About The Team
• 100% Commitment to Growth

Coaches I would like to emulate:

• Pat Summitt
• Herb Brooks
• John Wooden

The athletes I would like my players to emulate:

• Peyton Manning
• Kerri Walsh-Jennings
• Karch Kiraly