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Frequently Asked Questions

Club volleyball is a highly organized national program for junior boys and girls. The governing body is USA Volleyball; which establishes the rules, sanctions events and makes certain that every club and player meets the requirements for fair and safe competition. USAV sanctions a national tournament every June to crown a national champion in each age division.

Tryouts are usually conducted the last two weeks in October. Tournament play starts in early January and runs through the first of May with a National Tournament being held in June for those teams that qualify. Clubs may participate in as many tournaments as they choose, but most limit the number to around 6-8 per season.

USAV sanctions thousands of clubs/teams across the USA and Puerto Rico. In the Delta Region, Clubs may participate at all age levels from 8U – 18U and could have multiple teams in each age division.

USAV sanctions age divisions from 8U – 18U. Some clubs offer a preparatory program for players as young as 8 years of age which provides valuable tournament experience and professional coaching.

Every club has their own policy regarding playing time. At the preparatory ages (8-11), the DLV coaches go to great lengths to ensure every player is developing and is getting equitable play time. At the 12U and older levels, playing time is earned and there are no guarantees with regards to time on the court during the tournaments. Desoto Legacy Volleyball Club provides every parent with our Playing Time Policy so that there are no surprises to anyone.

No. However, it is important to note that most High School players in our area do play club volleyball. If your Middle School and High School have a mature volleyball program, you can be assured that most of the players on the roster will be club players. In fact, many of the HS coaches also coach at the club level, so the two programs are connected very closely.

Most likely, your player is ready to move forward with a tryout if he/she has had experience with the Southaven Summer league or has participated in the 5th&6thDLV League. DLV offers a complete path to higher training from Recreation, Competitive, Select, Academy and ultimately, the club program. If you have questions on this progression, please feel free to ask a DLV coach for advice.

DLV practices are 2.5 hours each, 2 to 3 times per week for Regional, National and Elite teams. Preparatory teams will practice 2 times per week for 2 hours. Tournaments are 1,2, or 3 day events depending on the age group and skill level of the team you are on.  You can expect to spend about six to seven hours in the gym on a Saturday and Sunday. Start times will be at 8AM or 3PM for both Saturday and Sunday for most tournaments.

Fees are set by each club and can vary widely by age division and club goal. You should budget between $2,000- $2,700 for club dues; with an exception for the preparatory program which may be considerably less ($1,250-$1,500). It is important to note that, other than player’s hotel costs for out of area tournaments, travel expenses are not included in the club fees.

Yes. DLV allows teams to conduct fund-raising events within the season this can reduce the out of pocket expenses by several hundred dollars if you put forth the effort.

Yes! DLV coaches are nationally trained, most have years of experience at all levels and all are educated and mentored by our highly experienced DLV master coach. Additionally, our Coaches season’s on average are 6-10 months of the year unlike Highschool and Recreational Coaches whose seasons are on average 3-4 months.  

Absolutely! Each team will have a very involved group of parents that will take on some of the organizational duties. Each team will have a Game Day Coordinator (Team Mom), a bracket mom, and a photographer. Our goal is to offload the administrative duties from the coaching staff and allow them to coach while building strong parent friendships with seamless communications. DLV also provides each parent with a conduct policy that clearly explains the Do’s and Don’ts and how to handle any concerns that may arise.